• Mayıs 8, 2017


Let’s force limits of our imaginations a little, open our senses and look at to the past. We know first ten thousand years of human history now, moreover these informations are not clear as well. What about other ten thousand year which has been lived ten thousand years ago? We don’t have any idea about it. So what we see when we look at to the future? With our limited imagination, still we discuss man-woman equality today and while we limit our dreams behind of many social taboos, how much we can foresee about the future well. Let important part of the world drown in social taboos, other minority who has been wriggled from all these enforcements, already covered ground about works that will bring end of the mankind. Anyway i will pass on to this subject shortly after.
Think about a cave in ancient times.
One of the caves that history of humanity started. You are in one of that dark,fusty,cold caves thousand years ago which nutrition and water balance of the world hasn’t been occured exactly. Leave philosophy,art and politics aside, your purpose of existence is surviving. You must go out from your cave and find somethings to eat as possibility of being victim is not low at all by a mammut which waits to hit its huge horns to your body or rhino army run after you to not be food for you. Going out from the cave doesn’t sound sensible right? But there is another issue that if you don’t go out from the cave, you starve to death. I guess, we can perceive findings that primitive humans eat human meat like our ancestors who are a little lazy and a little fearful don’t want to go out from cave and eat women and children. Naturally, you improve your intelligence to save yourself in a life style that your only worry is surviving, the situation was consisted of this entirely in these times.
You can guess that humanity who is unsufficient to meet needs in lowest level in hierarchy of needs yet, only thing in the sense of production to be actualized that various tools to survive.
These communities who lives on their life by hunting and collecting, the duty imposed as hunting to man, collecting to woman because of men’s muscle development is stronger than women. Only purpose of the humanity is saving the moment and meet the needs at present,
so it is just an optimistic utopia to expect to imagine of tomorrow from the life that goes on like this. According to some researchers human history started approximately 14 thousand years ago, i don’t agree with this opinion. I think, human history has a cycle that persist in circulation which is first present then become absent. The race that we know as primitive humans, maybe explored the findings of a race that lived ten thousands of years before themselves in their geography. For sure, it can be a bit grueling to reach these kind of findings. Maybe we fuel our ancestors from thirty thousand years ago in the tank of the last model vehicle with 250 horsepower and melt with 200 km speed, what do you think?
When humanity rub two pieces of wood to each other and explore the fire, learn to turn a round stone to carry huge animal which they hunted, that time human started to dream about tomorrow rather than save the moment.
Mankind’s shift from physiological needs which is in the lowest level of hierarchy of needs to meet security needs, mankind’s effort of surviving since this time caused that humanity pursue immortality today. For sure, it doesn’t sound so possible to be immortal of a body from meat and bone. Ultimately, our manager brain which is occured from two lobe, connected each other with many network system, gyrose, and wet; couldn’t develop enough to be antidote to immortality of itself yet. As humanity we are still looking for secret of immortality in human body since centuries, we try to provide continuance of mankind from our own blood, from our cord pad and with stemcells which we take from our various organs. We must be nested with the technology for this meat piece that world’s the most complicated structure of the world, a heart which has stopped to beat or for an arm which is not in its place any more.
Ultimately, even we need an artificial intelligence cabinet, which has duty of protecting temperature level inside by a cooler used for simple swapping transaction in organ transfer. Maybe we will be last members of the mankind who is died by natural ways. Maybe 20 years later after now, it will write in death report of a human that the liver stayed out of charge long time or battery of heart finished etc. etc.
Just think, mankind’s this ten thousand of years struggle of surviving will bring maybe immortality of another bionic form along. What about it?
It would be how big tragedy that the robot family which we produced all this time will bring the end of mankind. It will already going to be happen, first we shall agree on it.
We emphasized before that the most complicated structure of the world is the human brain. These artificial intelligences, which are produced and will be produced with human brain, are the candidates of having entire specialities of human brain and being superior structure at the same time. Kind of a super brain! Yes, it will bring the end of mankind, super brains army that produced by human hand! The most perfect and important development that revealed by mankind, during works since centuries. In fact, everything started with the flaming of technology competition between countries during cold war. But then it went into the cooling period that calls ‘’Artificial Intelligence Winter’’ because of it hasn’t been taken efficiency as wanted. After that tools with artificial intelligence have been produced to help people in daily life. But first case which we understood that mankind has to be afraid from artificial intelligence machines has been lived in 1997. Though it was just a small innocent game and noone could predict that it will result like this.
Helplessness of human brain was revealed at the time world chess champion lost against artificial intelligence computer that produced by ownself . Think of an artificial intelligence which is produced for fight and a humanity who fight against it. In your opinion, just in 1997, humanity that has been knockout while champion of its field by an artificial intelligence; in 2150, how it can has the chance against an autonomous artificial intelligence which is produced to fight and annihilate is the only purpose?
Today, there is a reality that calls thought transfer and everthing can be transferred to virtual platform which occurs in human brain and these datas are being actualised via artificial intelligence. After now, we don’t need verbal or tactile order , just we think of it and it comes true. There isn’t limit of human brain, good-bad many thoughts are flowing from your mind in seconds. Think about an artificial intelligence which actualises instant angers, think that how scary it would be.
Or drones which goes to run and run in recent years, a truck which stays on target to take its loading to correct point, which obstacles it overcome or what can stop it.? It will not be easy to stop an artificial intelligence as you think. Still we can’t stop to keep dreaming of technologies which will change the humanity civilization. The things told are not fiction; scientific foresights depends on cold facts of scientist’s research and findings who makes real what they dream.
Live the moment, spend more time with your phone, let your combi boiler figure out temperature according to you, your blood pressure monitor warns you when you overeat salt or most simple one, your television close itself in sleeping time. In this universe where we are nested in every field with artificial intelligence, we will continue to let them manage us not little by little but openly, we must.
We are living nested with artificial intelligences since decades, though we we want this as humanity.

Aproaching, aproaching more!
Ultimately, every human wants to know their killer well.
While humanity still discuss in subject of its creation now, after a century do you think robots will accept to be produced by humans and obey to humans? I don’t think so, for sure they will refuse us and start a war against humanity to provide continuance of their family.

Scientists that we classify as a minority removed themselves from social taboos, even established a foundation today for a possible invasion of artificial mind in the future. Because one day, informations that they provided from internet platform, emotions yet more artificial instictions will waft this family to a free formation. Thousands of ideology which are stored in internet platform, freedom, domination, all these facts will be interiorised by an artificial minds. These machines become more clever than humans maybe slowly but in confident and determined way. They don’t have social taboos, emotional emptiness, gender discrimination and even they don’t have gender.

When that day came, unfortunately woman and man will be equal. Artificial intelligences will bring the end of the social taboos as well.

And human, who think that covers marvellous place in the universe, small point whose dreams are prisoner! You have to be scared!