• Ağustos 8, 2017

AKINROBOTICS, Turkey’s and the World’s First Humanoid Robot Fabric is Openning!

I dreamt for years, I planned for years. The day I set up AKINSOFT, I had my individual dreams about the plans that caused the glare in my eyes and today I am still in pursuit of these dreams, in the light of advanced technology. Artificial intelligence studies, officialized by getting official title of PhD between the dates of 2010-2013, in Selcuk University Institute of Science, Robotics Technology. Before this, I had been specialized in Robotic, Algorithm and Automation fields by starting R&D studies of robots that have intelligent artificial. I arrayed 28 years term visions that I determined on the day I established AKINSOFT, as five year terms. 2000, 2005, 2010 and 2015 visions had been realised successfully.
Official openning of AKINROBOTICS that is first humanoid robot factory in our country and the world is coming soon, in Konya the city that was mentioned as agricultural geography before, but turned into a technologycal lands with all AKINSOFT lovers, our workers and Solution Partners in 26 December, 2015.
I would like to tell you about the progress that we made about robotic technologies.
We started our robotic adventure with ASPNCR-1 and ASPNCR-2 agricultural robots that we develop to raise productivity in beet production. Plantation of beet is an operation that is based on special conditions and needs to be attentived like in other plants. As considering all these points, we raised productivity of sugar beet in %95-96 with success of R&D activities of agricultural robots.
Then we introduced AKINCI-1, our baby robot which is first humanoid robot we started to develop in 2009 has artificial intelligence. AKINCI-1 could response clearly the questions like ‘hello, how are you, who are you, what is your name, what day is it, where are you’ as ‘I’m good, thank you what about you, I’m a humanoid robot, my name is AKINCI-1 and surprised everyone. AKINCI-1 also won recognition by mimicing human muscle system and movements individually with applying commands such as crouch, stop, look at the door, look at the window, open your arms, dance, go.
In 2013, we created Turkey’s first Humanoid Mobil Robot AKINCI-2 and introduced it to the public. In the 18th year we established, as AKINSOFT that established in 1995, developing with its visions and creates artificial intelligence in robotic technologies and studies about humanoid robots for human benefit presented AKINCI-2 to the public. It was one of the most beautiful times in my life. We signed very nice projects with AKINCI-2.
We continued humanoid robot studies after AKINCI-2. We introduced AKINOID-3, the 3rd prototype of AKINCI serial that is closer to humanoid structure and has the ability to learn via artificial intelligence, gesture and facial expression. AKINOID-3 is specially designed to have a structure that expresses many emotions with its human mouth, cheek and eyebrow movements.
Then Cadde Meram
People and robots to live together was a situation that I planned for a long time. We preoccupied with my team for a long time to find the appropriate sector and design the robot that will serve for this aim. Turkey’s first robot waitress ADA that produced in March 26, 2015 started to serve in Cadde Meram Cafe and Robotic Application Center.

Cadde Meram Cafe that is as response of the question ‘What do those robots do?’ that asked frequently in humanoid robot studies was openned to serve. Robot Waitresses ADA with 150 cm length and 36 kg weight and has artificial intelligence attracted a great attention in their job in Cadde Meram Cafe and Robotic Application Center. This was the greatest greeting to tour success for us.
In the same year, on December 26, 2015, when the foundation of the humanoid robot factory with vision of 2015 was kicked off, we realized the 11th Bonus Award Presentation and Groundbreaking organization. Robot Hostess ADA was offered to the AKINSOFT Solution Partners which was a milestone of my life. Robot Hostess ADA that was made by inspiring ADA and AKINOID robots was equipped with a lot of features such as distributing brochure, product overview, face recognition by image processing, forming interaction and communication with people, walking, running, seeing, maneuverability via developed wheel technology, arms with joint structure that can imitate human movements and programmable speciality.
And.. AKINROBOTICS that is Turkey’s and world’s first Humanoid Robot Factory, started activities to operate with lean production logic in the past few months. With the lean manufacturing band, we are able to reveal the problems in the work flow and investigate ways to work more effectively, thus producing faultless products with the highest savings.
We will share new humanoid robot prototype ADA GH5 produced in AKINROBOTICS with this logic in our official openning with AKINSOFT Solution Partners and public. This new prototype that features of waitress and robots are synthesised is 1.65 length and 65 kg. ADA GH5, that is designed with seven axis arm movements, sitting like human, sound, object and facial recognition, LED mimic movements, automatically going recharge area when charge is reduced, brochure distribution, bending and upright activations is preparing to face technology enthusiasts with many features such as 360 degree free rotation, the ability to display photographs taken with its LCD screen in its body and its sensors, seeing and smelling. ADA GH5s that will serve in many sectors actively after serial production will be one of the first products of AKINROBOTICS, which is one of the biggest success of AKINSOFT, ‘Turkey’s Vision’.
I will explain you our future on our formal openning that will be realised soon in AKINROBOTICS, which is our dream since our foundation day and we proceeded step by step.
We’re coming!
Not in silence, but we are coming with applause in shouting and screaming.