• Aralık 8, 2017


Utopia is a beautiful world dream. Dystopia, which is on the other side of the Utopia is the illusory prophecies found in the future depictions of the ancient world that we are living in. I, as Özgür Akın, PhD, Chamber of Executive Board of AKINSOFT and
AKINROBOTICS would like to state that I feel right proud of being factory/producer of utopia. I take care to feel the happiness of all my beautiful dreams that I have lived through and set calendars to spend every moment of unbearable lightness. Because this is my purpose of existence, succeed in despite of all ‘despites’.
Thus, I know that, every distopias that written until today, I am on the pae blue light as despite all negative prophecies. I save hope, belief and resolution that are enough to add value to life, people and technology in my bag. In this direction, I keep produce projects with more than 2000 Solution Partners in 28 counties and an expert team who take proceeding in complicated roads as duty with the same belief and discipline. With the motto of “There may not be any place where human and humanity are not valuable”, I try to bring service to every stop on this road that I am walking on, decorating Turkey and the World with high technology stones.
This adventure with technology began with my first computer which my father had given me, like how Alice fall of the Wonderland. It continued and evolved with my education life. The first race in the technology marathon was held in a modest, sunless store that I rented after planting the seeds of my proffesional knowledge.I established AKINSOFT 22 years ago, in April 12, 1995, with a computer that has no harddisc in a 15 m2 office. At these first days I created vision plannings, I trusted to utopian, stubborn character in myself not to associate degree diploma, as I do today. I have constantly renewed my own mind world by focusing my work, convincing myself that this callow young man made plans beyond imagining and that these plans would pass a blind passion. I kept in the strongest curves of my mind that the primary and most basic condition for the succession of a utopia is keeping belief always sharp, never giving up.
Therefore, the milestones of my utopia have been intertwined. Until that day; I turned a deaf ear to words like “You can not make”,”You can not achieve”, for the Turkey Technology. For me these are worthless words conjured by people who are only can not reveal potential, but also concern about to see it, lack of courage and imagination. Likewise, after those years AKINSOFT as a brand that directs Turkish Technology, walks with World Technology among pioneer companies of ıt world, proved itself among the leader companies of sclience world. From the incorporate date of December 4, 2017 to this day, every aim in our vision map and chasing time to be actualised, have demolished wall of despites and opened high technology way. Every vision that actualised, whiped me to see the beyond of wall and work without rest.
With this motivation, we started one of our 2010 vision ‘Start R&D Works on Regarding Robotic Technologies’ in 2009. We laid the foundation of
AKINROBOTICS, the first humanoid robotic factory in the world in 2015 without any capital support with owner’s equity, by using 100% home production tools. In November 4, 2017 official inauguraion of the first humanoid robotic factory in the world, AKINROBOTICS that will be placed in history as serial production field of humanoid robots realised with a magnificent ceremony. We shared our excitement with people who participated to our believs. We were proud together. During the ceremony, when I saw the utopia became a reality, which I had dreamt for 22 years with all the details of the robots’ posture positions, I was enchanted. I turn back from the moment that I had been drawned to my inner world, with the main good wishes and congratulations to success.

There is an expert team that tend to grow and consolidate, an endless labor, unlimited imagination in the side of my real utopia AKINROBOTICS, the first humanoid robotic factory in the world. Me and my team exist in despite of economic crises, nuclear weapons, epidemics, wars, massacres, identity crises, borders, class differences that turns earth into the hell. We exist to redesign earth with the high technology and take into service of humanity. We exist to realise our 2023 visions that is establishing AKINSOFT R&D Center of Space Technologies and AKINSOFT High Technology University. We exist to paint the image of world with the technology that never stop. Here, we exist to change atmosphere of technology, on pale blue light. We exist for humanity, for serving humanity, for future, for you. Because, “Worth to Human”