• Mart 8, 2018


There is a scene on the movies that is frequently seen. The main character is running to catch a train that is about to move. He/she have either a beloved in that train, or beautiful dreams for the future… Maybe the train that we try to catch with the main character travel through the opportunities that will make a dream real. And if it is a romantic scene, our beloved is also extending hand to us. Our hands about to be getting together first, when we almost hold it, the train starts moving away from the station. Today, we are living a similar scene on the field of global technologies that is not different from the movies. Name of this train is: Technological transformation. This journey that we will depart on behalf of Turkey is very long, toilsome and difficult.

When we look at the world written history, we see a significant change in the use and production of resources at the same time as population growth. Our planet is 4.54 billion years old in 2018. Last census datas showing that 7.442 billion people are feeding from the same atmosphere at the same time. Is it possible to talk about the existence of inexhaustible resources when we add our speed to destruction of nature in this way? Or can it be a remedy for equal distribution of exhaustible resources? Most importantly, scratching this scar can be a remedy, could it be in the past?

Before the Industrial Revolution, human life was consisted for cultivation of satisfied food. Satisfiying of physiological needs was exceedingly satisfying on the human communities today we have identified as “primitive”. This primitive man harvested his own team from the soil, stored himself, cooked himself, made his own pickles, his own salting, prepared his winter. The industry concept was foreign to him, because he has fulfiled the necessary needs. With the advancement of civilization, very different concepts began to emerge and the same human race had to meet these concepts, even to socialize. The birth of new business lines was not delayed after the industrial leap. With the rise of the concept of democracy and the degradation of the slavery system with the French Revolution of 1789, a new society began to form. This layout changed dimension along with industrial leaps. In continental Europe, idea of the enlightenment has been followed with the Renaissance and Reform movements. The human being got rid of being an existence that only survived to the extent of necessity. Parallel to the development of science and technology, the revolutions in the industrial area followed each other. Today, there is a concept called Industry 4.0.

So what is the Industry 4.0? Where is Turkey placed in this system which is based on the communication between machines, the internet of objects, the communication of mechanical systems? What are the kinesis promises of this industrial movement that add the life contents such as artificial intelligence, humanoid robots, horizontal-vertical software integrations, simulations and holograms? This is a beautiful sound coming from afar which include future technology and science that will guide the future. We all know that how important of molecular systems and cybersecurity. While the advantages and disadvantages of Industry 4.0 are on the hot topic of the world, I think it’s ridiculous for people to think about ‘unemployment problem debate’. Because Industry 4.0; there will be no problems with employment, on the contrary, by directing people to more qualified jobs, it will lead to the formation of more standard business lines in the sector. In this context; Industry 4.0 is also known to be the culmination of sectoral solutions, even a system patch. Thus, the potential development such as Turkey, the debate on Industry 4.0 in highly countries, not through the issues will not be causing the unemployment problem as well, I believe that national standards of industrial 4.0 should be conducted over the question of whether is fully integrated. Likewise, when assessing this issue, by many environmental,Turkey Technology in transition and that is ignoring the issue of whether it is ready to adapt to mind, causing the formation of a much more insecure environment.

Real question in the subject of Industry 4.0 is that, is Turkey preparing to become industrial market place which Eastern and Western countries able to easily open the bench? Or with consolidate domestic production with huge invesments, is finding balance between import and export and trying to break hegemony shield? What really is happening in the name of Industry 4.0 transition proccess? When the World is talking about “Society 5.0”, we should leave the old, barren discussions conducted through technology can be threatening element. In order to Industry 4.0 be fully functional and to create new management positions in social- economic dimension, we have to go through new world order so called Society 5.0. Because biggest income of Society 5.0 is integrating industry 4.0 to social order and planning more social, more liberal, and happier social structure in that regard. These are the main reasons to focus on to not miss the train. Because in this movie not only the time will determine what is expecting us, but also new working principles, investment projects. With these we will catch the world technology, we have to catch it. This what we have to do.

AKINSOFT and AKINROBOTICS is existed to aggrandize this technology. We use technology to raise the labor that man has exerted on the struggle for existence and crowned our glorious history with technology. We do not miss the train called “Technological Transformation”, we are producing technology with our power. Because we are the vision of Turkey, because it is worth to human.