• Mayıs 8, 2018


The start of the transition is the year 2015when artificial intelligence begins to take shape in everyday life. This date, which divides time, closes an era and starts another era, is also the beginning of the last age.

e have entered the era of digital transformation with the concept of “Industry 4.0”, which is based on the simplification of access to information and digitalization of production. The start of the transition is the year 2015 when artificial intelligence begins to take shape in everyday life. This date, which divides time, closes an era and starts another era, is also the beginning of the last age. The last age; will reshape the life rituals, socio-economic conditions, genetic makeup, nutrition habits of the human race; a time slider that will turn human perception from top to toe. It is exploding of the earth that is fatigued to boil innerly aand distributing last drops to atmosphere.
With the advancing technology along with the industrial revolutions, the skills of machines with superior processing power, which have already been loaded with commands, have improved considerably. In order to make human life more qualified, the researches made in the field of science and technology, the repositioning of artificial intelligence, transformed the people of this age. The preferences, the hierarchy of needs, the objects of desire, in short, the person who has undergone transformation all the tradition of life; is impatient to rediscover its own existence and proclaim its supremacy against artificial intelligence as soon as possible. We are aware of the this impatience is the most precise, from sharing of robotic topics in social media platforms. Social media; is a fundamental resource for the acceptance and endorsement of a number of imaginary robot projects that are produced by popular cultures.
It is gratifying that the process from the most primitive computer systems that are coded with false and true 1 and 0, to complex idea operations are analyzed by artificial intelligence formally is being followed closely. It is unfortunately sad that the work carried out in the field of robotics in the world conjuncture is being promoted in such a way as to lead to misperceptions on mass culture. So, what is the purpose of this profit-oriented viral advertisement works of giant corporations that make investments in the field of robotics? How is it been evaluating by mass do not have the technical infrastructure of the subject evaluated before? The first answer we will reach is; the deceptive attitude of this advertising work has led to the creation of unwarranted worries in community psychology and the acceptance by established masses of wrongdoing.
The explanation of a robot, developed by a company discusses the vision of “creating genius machines that will exceed human intelligence and solving world problems through artificial intelligence”; for the end of the human race is the most important aspect of the subject. On the other hand, the authority of the company upon the reaction of this advertising work, which does not serve any purpose other than to manage the social perception had to make an esplanation about the robot is “representing the optimistic, courageous and responsible objective in the name of the human future”. Moreover, in a sensational dimension, this irony has never been avoided by turning robot into advertising material with the words “it was just a joke” from his mouth. If you look at the upcoming the robot videos and the likes of these videos, artificial intelligence technology is already in the mystery of the world, and even developed philosophy over it. Is that really the case? Does the robot have an advanced artificial intelligence to answer the questions directed to him with philosophical content, disconnected answers from the context of the subject? Or is it that the company that develops it, designed with a million-dollar investment budget, has an advertising-focused, deceptive attitude? The decision is yours.
Here what interests me is; the marketing of the robot as the most intelligent robot in the world, to have consciously superior skills and artificial intelligence on a human level, and the general management of this marketing strategy. In order for artificial intelligence to produce complicated thoughts at the human level once, it is first necessary to clarify what kind of thinking system the human brain has formed and how to complete the learning process. If the structure of human intelligence is considered, the fact that an artificial intelligence design that can be integrated into robots is not possible in today’s conditions. Thus, under current conditions, artificial intelligence studies all over the world are progressing at the same standard level. Here are the differences; the servers, circuits, algorithms, engine capacities, drivers, mechanical components, software integrations and advertising used by the companies that design robots are budgeted. These differences, of course, are fundamental factors that guide robots in their R&D work, their dynamic structures, their skills. If the appetite for comparing robots evolves in line with the possibilities of robot producing companies; a more fair approach leads to a more accurate assessment.
Also, when assessing this issue, how can the support of the US Defense Force, operates under the world’s most widespread search engine, be igored? Or why is a $ 93 billion giant investment fund of a Japan-based company that produces bipedal robots not considered? Or who is interested in the possibility of selling the robots produced by these countries at the same time in many countries’ markets? Why are we going under different conditions in the same marathon with the other companies that produce robots, so why is it stuck in meaningless land and stumbled upon?
These questions will be more constructive if you make comparing around these questions and fire the arrows of criticism in order to improve developing. However, if your aim is to ignore our effort of walking with world technologies in robotics technology and make just plain and empty criticisms, do not expect us to take serious and listen you. To realize that we are in every phases of manufacturing unlike other firms that manufacture robots with the production tools they import from different companies, you can participate in the technical trips organized by our factory regularly. I am pretty sure that will create an important awareness for your personal development. In this respect, under AKINROBOTICS, you may also be aware of the fact that the most important components of the robot are the production of the BLDC motors, motor drive circuits, harmonic, cycloid, planetary reductions and all test phases. If it takes your interest and if you have a criticism to develop about our two actuator that is accepted as useful two models, you will be an inspiration to us. (Useful Models: Harmonic Drive Reducer with Roller Bearing and External Rotary Brushless Direct Current Motorized Harmonic Drive Reducer)
Instead of admiring your admiration for the greenery of your neighbor’s garden, you can grasp the importance of indigenous production if you rely on your desire to water the seeds in your own garden and to live dependent on the outside.
Me and my team will continue to produce wide-angle look bright future with our blinkers and Technology on behalf of Turkey until that day.