• Ağustos 8, 2018


While limiting our dreams behind many social taboos that occupy the human brain; how healthy a prediction can I find about the future. For this, let’s first open our perceptions, push the limits of our imagination power a little bit. Artificial Intelligences have been produced and will be produced with human brain, while having all the features of human brain, are the only candidates of a structure of superhuman.

While robotic technologies and cyber security issues are constitute the world’s hot spotlight, arguments like “will artificial intelligence bring the end of the world?” quite irrelevent to me. As far as used for the right purposes, artificial intelligence is not a danger but a tool which is used to improve life quality of humankind. The real danger is; humanity using high technology with the thought of harming humanity. For instance, atomic bomb can be used as a weapon that brings humanity to the end as well as it can meet the usable energy needs of mankind. Difference here is the human’s purpose of using artificial intelligence and high technology. Science and technology should never be used to harm humanity, always should be carried out to improve conditions.

Actually, everything started with the race of technology which took fire between the countries of cold war period. Even though artificial intelligence is considered as “a robot with a body” in science fiction movies and in human mind, in fact it is more than that. Lots of electronic stuff in our homes and even in our pockets, are equipped with artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence took its place so fast and quiet in our lives that, most people do not even aware of the technology they use is artificial intelligence. In example; you are able to get in contact with refrigerator in your home and you can ask ice from its tank. Or smartphones, that we can not even put down for a second, with many artificial intelligence softwares, already made us forget the days our moms were running around us to make “you did not drink enough water today” kind of warnings… If we have been mentioned this situation 10 years before, it would possibly be the reason people call us as crazy.

I woud like to remind my speech that I made many times in different platforms before; “Let the administrative management be done by artificial intelligence. Allow artificial intelligence to be your city mayor.” Super administrative managements, makes the best decision at the rightest place and time with zero mistake, only looking for the best and independent from anything and anyone … If you speech is too far to you, I would like to remind my saying; “let’s open our perceptions ”, I used at the beginning of my writing. I would like to remind that “In England, an artificial intelligence bot leaded 250.000 consumers who received parking tickets unjustly, to object court’s decision, helped them object the decision with the right way and 160.000 of this consumers have been found right in there objections and won the court. Which means more than 60% success rate”. Are u suprised soo much?

To conclude, there is no way out from artificial intelligence today, as people’s lifestyles are undergoing a big transformation by the level of technology has reached. Yes, very fast and quietly, they have rooted in all branches of our lives. While we continue to benefit from the convenience of artificial intelligence; they continue to learn, to develop, and to be more ‘superior existences’ than we are.

There is no open debate on the issue of the robots that work with artificial intelligence, would bring an end to human race. When considering mankind instinct to search and want for more, the unprecedented pace of technologic advancements and artificial intelligence, YES, they will bring an end to human race. Unless mankind meet on a common ground and decide to stop working on this area; but it doesn’t seem possible. A super-brain army with human-generated artificial intelligence! Artificial Intelligence is the footsteps of the science that will shape the future, sounding nice from a distance. While a big part of the world is drowning in social taboos, the minority which has broken the chains, has already proceeded on the works that would end humanity.
It is the beginning of the LAST ERA which divides the time, turns off an epoch and starts another. To you, in a long time but to me, in a very short time, mankind in the search of immortality or extending life time, will find the perfect human living together with nano robots in their own body (mainly our brain). And this will also prepare the end of the Last Era.
In this atmosphere that we are nested with artificial intelligence, we will continue to let them direct us, and we must. Let your mobile phone rotate for you, steer your business processes and your appointments more successful than you do, take the wheel of your car that you don’t let anyone else but yourself, pay your bills on time for you.

And you, enjoy the Last Era…