• Aralık 24, 2019



To follow science and technology from behind is like proceeding gropely…

You are given the opportunity to speak or write on plenty of platforms. You go prepared for some; but you might suddenly find yourself in some of them. In this kind of places, you hit your past or future like a wall in front of you, you lose yourself whilst questioning your timeline.

As an individual who produces and loves technology, I committed myself to give things to people as part of my vision. In many platforms I gave speech, I shared my feelings, opinions and experiences. I only aimed at one thing: ‘’May what I’m telling about reach one person!’’. I have looked for one person in the halls for years. Now it is time to step up a gear and reach for the sky. We must take our place in rapidly changing and developing world. I want you to know that, in every single line you read, I will feel the happiness of seeing that the hope seeds that I’ve been spreading in all the seminars, events and interviews I carried out until today sprout in my book ‘’TOUCH YOUR UTOPIA’’

When you listen to many CEOs or directors; or when you read biographies of the scientists that had lived in the past, you see stories of such people dropping out of university, leaving education life. You see people who have been expelled or somehow removed from their education by the teachers telling ‘’this child will not study’’. My story is not an example of it. This is an adventure; maybe a story of success, maybe a legend or just nothing but this is my story.

As I’m getting closer to my utopia that I’ve been longing for, I feel honoured of meeting you, and once again I would like to thank those who contributed to our meeting and who supported me throughout this journey. In this respect, the taste of the happiness I get from writing my book with the thought that it will reach the masses who are ready to succeed cannot be expressed. It has never been easy to put down my feelings on paper as someone who never reads a book. I will give little messages in my book, in fact the messages I want to give, are already hidden somewhere deep inside you. You’ve heard most of the topics I had mentioned before, therefore I want you to read the book with that awareness. But what is more important than the words that have already been used and floating in the infinity of the universe, is that what words are said by whom, where, to whom, in what circumstances.

In my first book, TOUCH YOUR UTOPIA, which I prepared with the encouragement I received from you, I will first talk chronologically about the reflection of my childhood and youth memories into my business life, AKINSOFT’s founding story (how I succeeded despite the ‘despites’). Later, I will discuss the processes in my business life, my visions and why I stood as an independent candidate. While sharing my experiences and knowledge, I will also share the answers of questions such as; What is engineering? What is the current situation of engineering in our country? Why did I start Robot production in Konya? Why sould we wear wide-angle blinders? What did AKINSOFT and AKINROBOTICS achieve in the field of engineering – What have they done in software technologies and robotics so far? Mini ADA fell down the stage, but why? In pursuit of evaluating our current position in robotics, as the ‘’World’s First Humanoid Robot Factory AKINROBOTICS’’; Where do technology and humanity go? What and/or Who did we turn down? What is Industry 4.0 and Society 5.0? Where is Turkey in world technologies? What is deep learning, artificial intelligence and big data? What does a modern Noah’s Ark mean? What awaits us in the last era? As we search for answers to these questions, we will also touch upon today’s extraordinary topics: Genetic Engineering, Asteroid Mining, Transhumanism and so on.

With these thoughts, I would like to conclude my writing here for now, and I would like to point out that my book is about to be completed and will be published as of January.

My book will be available in all bookstores.

To follow science and technology from behind is like proceeding gropely. To see the light at the end of the tunnel and to compile the ray is only possible with the shadow of science and technology.