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PhD. ÖZGÜR AKIN e-Transformation in Turkey


e-Transformation in Turkey

Can you hear the music? The Music we have been working on for 25 years…

The name of this music is ‘’e-Transformation’’. Though the imperative statute, this music began to be heard across our country. For many years, I have pointed out the importance of e-Transformation in many NGOs and various platforms and expressed its benefits. All the time, I underlined that it should be put into practice immediately without wasting time and now I am happy to have this process included in our lives. I am also sure about e-Transformation, especially time / cash savings, will provide added value to our country in many respects.

As AKINSOFT, I am also proud of being ready for this process on time, when our country started to get involved in the e-Transformation process quickly. With our cloud and desktop software and many integrations we provide, we stand by our hundreds of thousands of customers in this transition process, and we offer them great convenience in the transition process by providing AKINSOFT quality.

With e-Transformation, many companies have moved their physical operations to electronic environment, making their business processes more reliable, as well as increasing their business productivity. In this process, applications such as e-Invoice, e-Ledger, e-Archive,

e-Reconciliation, e-Producer Receipt and e-Delivery Note, which are fully integrated with our cloud software, especially our Wolvox ERP software, provide the organization of business processes and improve business efficiency, while also facilitating cost and time management. So what are the main advantages of the e-Transformation process? First of all, we should say that all activities on paper in businesses will take place in a completely electronic environment. Do you know what it means? It means getting rid of tons of paper, tons of paperwork, and most importantly, getting rid of the waste of paper. It means reducing paper, shipping cost and time loss to a minimum by ensuring that invoices and documents printed on paper are made out through electronic media. More than that, it means preventing the informal economy by conducting all transactions safely in electronic environment.

We have to accept this process as the beginning of the e-Transformation yet. In this transition period, the administrations that support e-Transformation and the institutions that provide technical infrastructure services to this process have great responsibility. As opposed to perceiving this process as a necessity, real success will be achieved by being approached as an application that businesses can use safely and provides great ease in their business processes.

We missed the previous revolutions, we don’t have the luxury to missing the next ones. We rejected the printing press by saying “the invention of the devil”, I said watch TV, they said “it is a sin because it is the work of the devil, it enlivens the person”, we forgot to put gas in the car (!), And now we are in a big digital transformation phase. We will integrate all the requirements of this transformation process into every aspect of our lives, as a matter of fact we must. Otherwise we will lose again; as nationally! Because in the world we are in, you are either on the side of producing the technology or on the consuming side. If you are only on the consuming side, you are doomed to perish!

In this process, we need to get out of the stereotypes and keep up with innovations as soon as possible, and we have to be involved in the race to do better instead of watching the race from afar. As I mentioned before on many platforms, the age we are in is called “The Last Age.” In this age, which can only be walked into the future with information and technology, speed is a very important factor. Whoever is slower and whoever wakes up late, will lose!

25 years ago, I had only one thought since I founded AKINSOFT; to make the best use of technology to serve humanity. For this purpose, we have been working hard in the field of software and robotic technologies with our humanoid robot factory AKINROBOTICS for 25 years and continue to produce for science and humanity. While facilitating the business processes of our end users with more than 120 solutions we offer, together with our solution partners in 81 provinces of Turkey, we have always aimed to offer better solutions to our customers with fast and accurate solutions to meet all their needs. We continue to achieve firsts in Turkey as a pioneer of software and robotics technologies and to be popular in the world with my team which is growing more and more every day.

As the children of a nation who have experienced the processes I have briefly mentioned above, we have taken lesson from events in the past.

With this consciousness, we have been progressing for 25 years to make human life easier in the light of science and technology. We have worked very hard for many years for the e-Transformation process, which has become a necessity by the laws. In this direction, we restructured every city of our country and various points of the world. We are literally ready!

I say hello to the e-Transformation process which we have been waiting for years with the pride and happiness feelings of the inclusion of this process to our lives. I hope year 2020, which we will celebrate the 25th anniversary of AKINSOFT, will be a year full of innovations and progress for our country.

“Nowadays managing societies means managing the information. Managing the information is only possible with the technology. ”

PhD. Özgür AKIN


Chairman of Board of Directors

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