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PhD. ÖZGÜR AKIN “Quarter Century in High Technology” AKINSOFT IS 25 YEARS OLD!

A huge family, a great team, a great success story…

This is the success of our more than 2000 solution partners from 30 countries, hundreds of thousands of end users and our employees, in short, the entire AKINSOFT Family, who believe in us and walk with us on this challenging and enjoyable technology path.

Dear INOVAX readers, first of all, I wish you to spend as much of this period in your homes and stay healthy, hoping to recover from the coronavirus epidemic that is affecting the world.

As in the past, I am confident that we will overcome these difficult times together and come out of this process even stronger.

As a person in love with his profession, I started my works in AKINSOFT which I had founded in the early years of my youth, with a computer without a hard disk, two wooden chairs and black floppy disks. When our company was founded in 1995 it was a very small business and was not established as a capital company. But in those days, after that small business, we set out our visions that will shed light to next 28 years.

We declared December 4, 1996, the date of our incorporation, as “The World Information Technology Day”. At that time, “How dare you to proclaim the The World Information Technology Day?” they said. There may still be those who ask the same question today.

What is this tendency that always trying to be a burden to someone? Why is it so hard to applaud the good work done? When you attempt a job, you may encounter many obstacles, of course there will be those who try to prevent you. But if you truly believe that what you are doing is right, you should not be stuck in any obstacles, you should not listen to what is being said and you should move on.

“Never give up! Even if one day you turn around and see that your footsteps have disappeared, you keep walking the path you know is right. Because there will be more people who embrace you at your destination than who follow you.”

It is not easy, to determine the visions of the next 28 years exactly 25 years ago and to fulfill these visions one by one over time. Today we feel together the pride of this achievement and continue to sign our new works and firsts in Turkey with the same belief. It is of course not easy to be the first company that comes to mind in our country when it is mentioned high technology and carry this responsibility on. We always need to be open to innovation and keep producing so that first we, then our environment and most importantly, our country can develop.

I am proud to have completed the 25th year of the path of this great family to advanced technology by working with the discipline, aim, and principles that we have achieved in the journey of informatics that began with great dreams, without ever compromising, losing nothing from our visions and perseverance. We have invested in high technology with our own equity for 25 years in order to reach world standards on behalf of our country and to keep high technology alive in our own land. Our goal is to serve humanity and science. Today, AKINSOFT has taken its place among the largest software companies in Turkey with over 2000 solution partners and hundreds of thousands of end users, serving 30 countries with more than 120 software, especially ERP.

“Quarter Century in High Technology”

25 full years. It’s not just individual achievements that fill these 25 years. A big family, a big team, a great success story… This is the success of over 2000 solution partners, hundreds of thousands of end users and employees from 30 countries who believe in us, who are moving along with us in this challenging and enjoyable way of technology, in short, the entire AKINSOFT family.

AKINSOFT is a vision company. We have fulfilled the visions we set 25 years ago, one by one, and in 2017 we inaugurated one of our most important visions, the humanoid robot factory AKINROBOTICS. With this opening, we have set our first signature as AKINSOFT in Turkey and even around the world. Because there is no other organization in the world that has been established to perform mass production in the field of robot technology. We have achieved a first in the world and today we continue our work in the field of robotic technologies at great speed. I have spent my 25 years to say this sentence on behalf of myself.

We, as the country in 2023, will say hope to see many centuries, and we will set our eyes together on the 100th anniversary of our Republic and 28th anniversary of AKINSOFT. We will start our studies in the field of space technologies and establish AKINSOFT Space Technologies R&D Base and AKINSOFT High Technology University.

We hope to celebrate our successes together in the technological tomorrows and to meet in many 25th years…

PhD. Özgür AKIN


Chairman of Board of Directors

Mobil Sürümden Çık