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Here Comes the UV-C Sterilization Robot in Fight Against Corona Virus

Following science and technology from behind is like moving forward gropingly. Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and compiling the light beam is only possible under the shadow of science and technology.

Dear INOVAX readers, as you know, we have started a controlled social life process with the new normal period we have entered after intense measures and restrictions against the corona virus epidemic, which is on the agenda of our country and the whole world. As you remember, during the period of intense measures domestic and international travel restrictions, schools were closed and switched to online education, closure of restaurants, cafes and shopping centers where people were together, curfew restrictions were applied and we entered quarantine as a country. With the controlled social life, which is called the new normal, the measures were softened and the enterprises started to operation under control. As a result of this great change, relationships in all areas of our lifes also had some changes.

With the new period of controlled social life, the curfew restrictions were lifted and the closed workplaces started their operations within hygiene rules. High technology, which was at the center of our lives before coronavirus period, gained more importance with this period. All responsible businesses and institutions made superhuman efforts to end this process as soon as possible. We also have worked to overcome this negative process with the least loss, with the responsibility of being a high technology manufacturer of our country. I am happy to fulfill our responsibility by completing our UV-C sterilization robot, which we developed to be used in the fight against coronavirus, with our high technology heritage that we have acquired over 10 years and put it into the service of humanity.

It is not possible to completely disinfect the areas from bacterias and viruses by physical cleaning with chemical products. In this case, our UV-C sterilization robot eliminating human factor, kills germs and makes the area sterile and suitable for human health. Through 360 degree raycasting, our UV-C sterilization robot is not only able to make ceilings and walls sterile but also carpets, curtains, bed sheets and similar textile products. Moreover, it doesn’t leave any hazardous residue after the sterilization. It completes the cleaning in the shortest time and with the minimum risk in the best possible way for human health. Our UV-C sterilization robot enables a stabile and certain sterilization especially in closed, contaminated and the situations containing high risk due to crowd. For instance, if you use our UV-C sterilization robot in a hospital, it scans the entire area, creates a map of the hospital so that it learns the rooms, corridors, entries and exits. With the advanced mapping software, creates a digital map of the entire area and uses command to kill the germs within the mapped area via UV lights casted by the fluorescent tubes. It performs the sterilization process with remote start command and autonomous technology.

Due to the negative effects on living organisms caused by the ultraviolet rays emitted during the disinfection process, humans or animals should not be in that area. Our robot has the feature of stopping its operation as a human or animal suddenly enters the environment where it works so that the ultraviolet rays do not harm the organism. In addition, it returns to the starting point where the charging station is located by sterilizing the area of 30 square meters in a short time such as 15 minutes without hitting the items in the environment during the process thanks to its advanced sensors.

Our UV-C Sterilization robot has a wide range of uses such as hospitals, educational institutions, airports, shopping malls. Hospitals, in particular, are the most primary areas of use, as they are the places where harmful pathogens are most likely to spread or be transmitted. In addition, our UV-C Sterilization robot is a solution that can provide effective disinfection in hotels, airports, shopping malls or markets, especially in certain areas where it is not easy to use chemicals or where it should not be used, and it is a technology that reduces sterilization costs because it does not require a disinfectant substance.

Following science and technology from behind is like moving forward gropingly. Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and compiling the light beam is only possible under the shadow of science and technology.

Today, nations with high technology grow and develop rapidly, while those who cannot have a say about technology become dependent on developed countries. The competitiveness of countries is technology. While we, who have realized many firsts in our country with our works we have carried out with this idea, continue our work in order to develop our robots with the awareness of our responsibility towards our country and our land, we will continue to serve science and humanity with our new projects.

To a healthy future in the light of high technology…

PhD. Özgür AKIN

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