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We Will Continue To Produce in 2021

Although this period interrupted life all over the world, scientific and technological developments continued unceasingly to serve humanity. As AKINSOFT and AKINROBOTICS, the high technology producers of our country, we have shaped our works in line with the needs arising from this negative period, develop our science and technology heritage to minimize the damages caused by the pandemic and no sector or business suffers any damage in this period.

Dear INOVAX readers, while the year 2020 has been behind us as a year in which we witnessed the coronavirus epidemic and the great impact it had on humanity, we faced limitations in many areas from our business processes to socialization, from education to travel. In the last period of 2020, which we spent in the light of intense measures and restrictions, the development of vaccines that progressed feverishly in many parts of the world started to give results and reached a level that could be applied on humans and we entered the new year with vaccination studies. We hope that vaccination studies will be successful and the epidemic will end and return to our old life as soon as possible.

While the year 2020 is ending with the coronavirus, many sectors and companies have suffered greatly in this process. Although this period interrupted life all over the world, scientific and technological developments continued unceasingly to serve humanity. As AKINSOFT and AKINROBOTICS, the high technology producers of our country, we have shaped our works in line with the needs arising from this negative period, develop our science and technology heritage to minimize the damages caused by the pandemic and no sector or business suffers any damage in this period.

Among the businesses most affected by the negativities of this period are those operating in the ready-to-eat food sector such as restaurants, diners, cafes and patisseries. Within the scope of the measures taken to fight coronavirus, businesses serving in this sector will continue to work with only the “takeaway & delivery” model for a temporary period of time. In order to minimize the damage to the businesses we quickly resolved the issue by providing our online food order system MyRezzta service to our businesses that do not have the infrastructure in accordance with this decision. We provide convenience to the businesses that serve in the field of restaurants, cafes and ready-to-eat food, by enabling them to receive food orders on their websites with the MyRezzta Online Order System, and to follow up their orders. With MyRezzta, businesses will be able to use this system without paying “additional commission fees”, which is one of the biggest problems in this sector. MyRezzta, which can be used without the need for any additional module or software, also works integrated with WOLVOX Restaurant Management program to manage stocks and orders. In addition, thanks to the Android and IOS compatible applications we have developed specifically for businesses, customers can easily view the menus from their mobile devices and place an order. With Myrezzta, businesses are able to communicate with their customers more easily and quickly, while ensuring that they carry out their business processes without error.

Nowadays, where social distance and zero contact are important, we developed the AKINSOFT QR Menu in accordance with our new lifestyle. We ended the menus browsing between the tables in terms of both employee and customer hygiene. With the fact that menus circulating from hand to hand will speed up the spread of the virus, we have ensured that menus are delivered to customers, and the orders are placed without contact thanks to the “QR Menu”.

During this period, we developed our franchise management solution MyFranchise for businesses working with a franchise or multi-branch model. MyFranchise provides solutions to the businesses that manage their processes with multiple branch management, despite the difficulties of the current period, with its features such as central stock control required by businesses managed as a franchise chain, product delivery requests from branches, special pricing for different branches, reporting the sales made by branches from a single point and graphical reports.

Another sector disrupted by the pandemic is the businesses that work with an appointment system such as hairdressers, barbers, beauty salons, etc. Especially businesses that could not provide service for a long time due to the high rate of transmission of the virus started operating again as a result of the measures taken. In order to prevent the intensity and the chaos that may occur due to the long-term lack of activity, we have provided AKINSOFT ProCoiffeur with great convenience for business owners and users. We aimed to eliminate problems such as forgetting appointments or delayed appointments with reminder SMS in our ProCoiffeur program. Our program offers the opportunity to make an appointment at any time by collecting all your appointments on a single system without any restrictions.

In this difficult period, by taking part in the tourism sector, hotels, hostels, motels and so on, we put HotelSmart, our online reservation system developed for facilities, into service. HotelSmart helps to manage different pricing transactions based on availability, date and room via mobile phones, tablets or computers in a practical way by helping online reservations and payments through the website of the facility.

With the start of the Covid-19 epidemic that hit the entire world economy, we aimed to facilitate the accounting processes of commercial enterprises. In this period, taking into account the needs and demands of SMEs, we released OctoPlus7, our multi-user accounting software, and gave priority to businesses to easily perform e-transformation transactions with e-invoice and e-archive support.

This negative period we are in introduced us to the concept of “online market ordering system”. While the advantages and facilities it provides have created serious awareness in all of us, there has been a great interest in this trend. With the AKINSOFT Online Market System, which we have created very easily and quickly with the e-commerce infrastructure, we have made it possible for businesses such as markets, grocery stores and buffets to receive their orders on the internet, and we have prevented negative situations that may occur in the business processes of many businesses in this field.

As many commercial and sectoral software of ours taking place in the sector in 2020, we, as Turkey’s Robotics Brand AKINROBOTICS, have undertaken efforts to overcome this period with the least damage thanks to our robotic technology projects designed and put into production within our organization.

AKINROBOTICS Order Preparation Automation, which we developed for businesses operating in the wholesale and retail sector in 2020, ensures fast and accurate shipment. The system records every transaction at every stage with interfaces, gives the information of which order prepared by whom, at what time, in which storehouse and which product uploaded to the system by whom, when, how many, etc. Order Preparation Automation provides maximum efficiency by eliminating factors such as work loss, product loss, time loss while ensuring occupational health and safety.

Again, within the framework of the science and technology heritage we have acquired from the previous period, we have completed our field robot ARAT 3.2, which we continue to work on. The 4-legged robot ARAT, which we plan to take place in many areas for our country, is designed to be used in the field and in search & rescue activities with its load carrying feature. Thanks to its 4 legs consisting of 3 joints, it has the ability to walk in balance, to steer, to run, to climb steps and to explore. We have put ARAT, which continues to be developed with new functions, to your service with its 8 megabit communication architecture.

With the onset of the coronovirus outbreak, we put into use the UV-C Sterilization Robot, which was designed and produced by AKINROBOTICS for the health of our country, considering the sterilization and disinfection processes needed. UV-C Sterilization Robot provides stable and precise sterilization in enclosed and contaminated areas with high risk. It can be used in many sectors that require high sterilization such as hospitals and operating theaters, dining halls, food companies, sports halls, children’s playgrounds.

In our other study, the greatest heroes of this period are Nurse Assistant Robots that we developed to help our healthcare professionals with their business processes. Assistant robots, which will be the right-arm and the greatest assistant of our healthcare professionals, will be able to minimize contact with patients in the risk group, while meeting routine check ups and patient needs.

In line with the needs of this period, our Thermo Robot is developed to detect early risks and to take immediate action while providing customer and employee safety with many features such as non-contact camera and fever check, personnel tracking with face recognition-detection, built-in speaker for sound assistance and audio-light warning system and remote access. In addition, our Guest Service Robots, which we have developed for the service sector such as restaurants, cafeterias and hotels, serve the items requested by the customers in a contactless and hygienic manner.

I would like to point out once again that although the technologies I have included here were developed and completed in 2020, the foundations of all our science and technology heritage are based on the visions we set when we founded our organization in 1995. Hoping that 2021 will pass in the light of health, happiness and technology …

PhD. Özgür AKIN

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